Gilmore Girls
Comedy / Drama  8.1/10
414: The Incredible Sinking Lorelais(February 17, 2004 – long ago)
When Trix returns to town and berates Lorelai and Richard for being financial failures, Richard angrily sets his mother straight, to Emily's delight; Lorelai and Sookie explore ways to ease their financial crunch and raise money to pay their construction crew, one of whom is now Dean; Janet and Paris go head-to-head over the constant presence of Janet's boyfriend in the suite;…

Aired long ago – check back later!

A.K.A. BR: Tal Mãe, Tal Filha  CZ: Gilmorova děvčata  IT: Una mamma per amica  SK: Ženy z rodu Gilmorovcov 

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